8 March 2021

Gestion parasitaire

It’s with the greatest pride that I announce the grand opening of my company, Tremblay Pest Management. My name is Sebastien Tremblay and I’ve been working the in the field of pest management for over 23 years. I have multiple expertise in all areas of domestic, commercial and industrial pest management. It gives me great pleasure to offer you a quality service with customer satisfaction guaranteed. Like my loyal clientele who’ve retained my services over the years, do not hesitate to entrust me with all your pest management needs.

The diversity of my work experience will meet all your expectations. During my career I’ve not only conducted pest management training of new technicians, but served as director, responsible for the development and implementation of customized pest management plans, meeting the highest standards in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, market gardening and farm industry. I’ve developed tailor-made plans for rental properties, shopping centres, restaurant chains, hospitals and health centres. I have extensive experience both as a technician and manager, with an assortment of clients such as airports, multinational agri-businesses and pharmaceutical companies, universities, zoological and botanical gardens, museums, supermarkets, grain terminals and processing plants, just to name a few. Auditors not only recognize my expertise but recommend my services when it comes to the implementation of programs that meet with client requirements and expectations. I’ve overseen large scale fumigation and atmospheric applications, developed specialized site-specific plans for pharaoh ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, carpenter ants, and more. With a strong background in environmental science and wildlife management techniques, acquired knowledge of pest development and biology, I am fully equipped to answer any of your questions. I’ve also prepared prevention plans, as well as in-house training programs for managers and business leaders.

In short, whatever your pest management needs, I’ll be able to offer you a customized solution and/or prevention plan that will exceed all your expectations. Thank you for placing your trust in me for all these years, and I look forward to working with you soon.


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We serve the Greater Montreal area – Laval (North Shore)
Montérégie (South Shore) – Laurentides – Lanaudière – Outaouais